This page is for downloading software products I have programmed and made available.


You can find the documentation for all the software on this page here. The documentation also describes licensing, warranty and that stuff, which you can also find at the bottom of this page.

Functoids for BizTalk

These functoids have moved to codeplex. You can find them at

BizTalk Pipeline Components

No pipeline components available yet.

Winforms programs - Draw

This utility is a small Winforms program, that can be used to make a draw between several contestants. It can be used to draw between a number of constants with each one chance of winning, but also to draw between a number of contestants with diverse number of chances. So for instance, if the constants are supposed to get a chance of winning in the draw relecting the number of beers she has been drinking, one person might have 10 chances and another person mght have 15 chances, corresponding to 40% and 60% chance of winning respectively.

The program can be downloaded here and The documentation can be found here. - ValidateXML

This utility can be used to validate an XML document. It will both check an XML document for well formedness and it will validate an XML document against an XSD schema.

The program can be downloaded here and The documentation can be found here.

Help me

Should you encounter any bugs at all, please let me know. Find my contact information at the Contact page. Thanks.
As you can probably see from my extremely lousy icons, layouts, and so on, graphics really isn't one of my strong sides. So if you are good at creating icons and so on, and would like to help me with this part, please contact me.


All the software that can be downloaded here is "optional-postcardware", meaning, that I would really appreciate a postcard from you if you use my programs, just so I know how many people use it :-) The postcard can be a paper postcard sent by ordinary mail or it can be an email. In any ase, find my contact information at the Contact page. Note, the postcard is optional. You are not breaking any license terms by not sending me a postcard :-)


Basically, any use of these products is your own responsibility. I provide no warranty, promises or anything else, and I will not pay you for lost work, earnings, etc.

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